Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I know..I am still a bad Blogger....

I am going to try to update all tonight and get it over with. I have lots to talk about and lots of pics.

I will have to tell you all in the order my brain can remember no necessarily chronologically.

We went to NYC Sept 29 to October 8th. We stayed with our friends who live there whom we met when we lived in FL. We actually only stayed at their house the first weekend and the night before we left. The rest we stayed in a Hotel near there house in NJ, small town. It was very nice and cute!

My friend was just recovering from galbladder surgery and her husband was starting a new job Monday.
We flew in Friday night. The flight was ok Austin was a little restless at times, Madison was great! We had to catch a bus from JFK to Newark and a cab from Newark to her house. Wow that was the bad part with all our luggage, two large suitcases, stroller, two car seats, two pack and plays, video camera bag, two diaper bags, camera bag, and two other carryons. All this by ourselves . The one bus we had to get off at Grand Central Station and transfer buses a block away. IMPOSSIBLE, some guy kindly carried our pack and plays. We got in off the plane at 8 got to her house at 1 am. Horrible time getting the kids to sleep!

First day we went to walmart, to the pizzeria (his parents own) and to the mall with our friends. FOOD WAS AWESOME!!

So we did the city alone. First day, Sunday was horrible as far as getting around. We used her car to get to Staten Island to get on that railway. We then got off at the ferry. Took that to the city then on the Subways. We did not know at first which stops to get off on that had elevators or some sort of way to get a stroller up stairs without having to get both kids out of the stroller, fold the Stroller up and get all of that up flights of stairs. First day we saw FAO Schwartz kids played on the BIG piano.
We Finally after block after block found a place to eat with kids that had high chairs that was not a five star rest. We still had to climb stairs to get to the eating area. We ate at TGI Fridays. We then walked around, saw Trump tower no pic :( , saw part of central park, other places. Nothing really exciting. We got back and checked in to the hotel. Ate dinner at a small diner.
Monday we stayed in the hotel we ate lunch in the town there and came back to nap and then went in the city at 4p then we went to Times Square so we could see it at night. We ate dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp CO. We saw many places there at Times Square.

I received some bad news on Monday I will talk on that later.

Tuesday We went to Wall street, Ground Zero, NY stock Exchange, and Statue of Liberty.

Ground Zero was very sad, we saw them rebuilding. NY stock exchange was busy they had barriers around you were not allowed really close. We only saw the outside of the Statue due to they had already had too many visitors that day inside. It was fun.

Wednesday we stayed in town and at the hotel. We Ate in the town at a Mexican rest called Tingas we went to Kay B and got the kids a toy (small). We ate again at the pizzeria that night.

Thursday We went to central City park, Penn station and a little around town. We got a late start that day. We Rode the carousel in the park, saw Strawberry fields, we went to the Zoo.then we went to the kids Zoo as we went in Austin falls asleep could not get him up. So madison has fun in there feeding animals, running around, looking at other animals. She loved it. Austin wakes up as we leave. the other zoo they saw Pinguins, monkeys, sea lions, bears, snakes, ducks, fish, and other creatures. They enjoyed that.

We went to dinner at a Japanese rest in NJ.

Friday we stayed in town again. We ate lunch at another pizza place because we were in search for a sub place. Hard to find the traditional NY sub shops. We met up with Sara and Andrew for dinner at the pizzeria again (can you tell we liked the Food) We went to Barnes and noble after to get Star Bucks and hang out.

Saturday we spent our last day seeing the places we missed. We checked out of the hotel they were booked for sat night. We went to see the Big Macy's, Toys R us, Empire state building, Rockefeller Center, NBC, ABC, CBS, Radio City Music Hall, little more at times square, and grand central station. We ate lunch at Wendy's, We had an experience there! This was the coldest day since we arrived. Madison decided to Blow Out her Pants all down her legs and in her tights. No changing table, no high chairs there either, stairs to get to the dining area. I had to change her in the stroller, NIGHTMARE!. The guy working there who was mentally challenged was so RUDE. He kept mumbling under his breath comments, making faces. This is not my choice to change in the rest, but I had no choice the City is not kid friendly. Austin did too but not bad. We had to leave madisons pants and shoes off. We headed to the nearest store to get pants THE GAP....We were lucky to find some on sale and socks.
We go in the Largest Toys R US 3 stories plus. HUGE Ferris type wheel in the center. Madison fell asleep on our way in. So Austin gets to ride and play until she wakes up. We get in line and we were suppose to have to wait 20 min but they had an opening for 2 on the pony cart. So we take it, me and Austin ride the MY little Pony cart, it lasted about 20 min, great ride he loved it. We walked around and played saw the BIG dinosaur in there, cars and more. They had fun Madison finally woke up about 10 min after we got off. We ate at applebees for dinner in NJ.

Sunday we had to leave for the airport at 11. We got a cab directly to the Airport. We got there and ate lunch then we got on the plane.
Austin so was horrible that he ran the person out of our aisle (only two seats on each side of the aisle) and Adams aisle too. Oh well they are not even 2, people can get over it. We got the aisles to ourselves! After that it was still bad but better.

ON our journey we learned that NYC is not a place the welcomes kids! Lots of elevators were broke. No high chairs at most places, stairs to get up there to eat, no changing tables.
We learned that Austin is very impatient. They both were a little bit of hard to handle at times. They made a habit of kicking their shoes off, Madison lost hers 3 times, we had to go back for it. She lost the first on during rush hour in Penn station, the other near the Staten Island railway
platform, the other central city park. Austin would take his off too.
People are rude there too, like not holding doors, no help on locations of places, you name it.

We had a good time but next time either no kids, or when they all are walking without strollers.


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