Friday, October 27, 2006

Sunday Baby Dedication 10/21

We went to church this morning as normal. Oh I forgot to mention Friday night after Austins hair cut when we got home he was playing down stairs and he would not let go of his cup, and when he was falling he hit his head on the floor. BIG BIG goose egg on his forehead! great!

After church we watched out BUCS win with a game winning 62 yard field goal! second longest in NFL history! WOW a good GAME!

We had to get ready after Nap and go to the church for Baby Dedication night at 6 we had to be there early like 5:15!

Mom , Jared, and Ash came to watch. The kids ran around until it was time to start. We had a family pic made by the church. Hope it turns out good!

During the service until it was time to go up there, the kids ate a bag of Cheerios, fruit chews. When we got to go up there and the pastor finishes anointing them he says "amen", so Austin thought it was his turn to say it like we do at home. So he says "AMEN".
We go back to wait while the other babies get anointed. They ate pez candy, a fruit bar. they had a good lunch.....but 5 hours later it is dinner time so they were hungry.

I got some good pics.

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Chelle said...

I really am surprised that you don't blog more, since you write everything down.

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