Thursday, October 19, 2006

Now This week (yeah up to date)

We went to church on Sunday, good service! BUCS finally WON!

We went Sunday night to church for the Baby Dedication class to get ready for this coming Sundays Dedication. I know we have had a christening already but I feel that with our new church family that we like here in Murfreesboro, just like we did in Macon. We did not find a church family we liked in FL.

My cousin Dwaine is staying with us until today.
We got some cold weather so we could finally cook some Chili!!! So yummy!

I still have not felt the baby move yet but the Dr said I should by week 24. Oh I forgot I only gained one pound in three weeks. He was not too happy but I did walk like a thousand miles in NY.
So that means I have 20 weeks to gain 14 lbs! I only gained 5lbs with the twins but I was sick, this time I can eat! I do not know!

My cousins baby Carter came last night to see Dwaine and the twins. He played so good he was in Heaven with all the toys! I can not believe how big he is. He is 11 months and weighs 29lbs. He is a chuck of lead. Even though he is a lb more than Austin he feels so much heavier his mid section and legs are huge! But he will be a tall kid he is way above avg in height. He has the cutest red curly hair! pudgy cute cheeks! I wish I would have got my camera out.

Mrs Kristie came today we made fall Wreaths out of fake leaves and a paper plate. We also colored a farm and cut out and glued it to paper. They had fun! Madison at times did not want to let go of the animals and glue them down.

Sam comes today for Madison, she may have to see a Ped Ortho for her right foot. He is not sure if it is her Hip, weakness, or her foot that is causing her to turn her right foot inward when she walks. I hope it is nothing but I would rather know than let it go on. Sometimes you think it is getting better and then lately it seems worse.

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