Friday, October 27, 2006

Its a......

Friday I went to the Dr at 3p for an ultrasound only! Adam meet us up at the Dr's.
We wait 45 min when i finally ask why? well that got us right in. So we start and she is looking at all the organs, measuring, checking hearbeat numbers, you name it.
We finally get to see what the sex is, we were hoping for a boy. But really would not care because we already have one of each. So since it was taking a while and we did not see any boy parts to begin with i just knew then it was a GIRL! and yes she shows us between the legs! its a GIRL! So cont on and make sure all is good. after that she wants to check the cervix and check on the stitch. Well that looks great still long cervix! So good news! We got a video and pics.. We also got a 3d pic and video. I wish i had a video of the twins!

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