Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Punkins" and more Pumpkins! (week 8 to 16)

I told you all how Austin is obsessed with Pumpkins. Well I told him we were going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. I went to kroger to get groceries and I bought these two itty bitty pumpkins. They were so Happy!

The week went well we had Ava and Cailean Back.
Friday I had no kids because I had a Dr apt. I thought since it was 19 weeks that I was one week away from my ultrasound that he would go ahead and do it. But I was wrong he wants to wait one more week so that he can see the heart better developed in one week, so we do not have to repeat the US.
So Friday the 20th I see the US tech only for the sex and of course to see the organs and how they are coming along.Then I go back in another week to see him.

Saturday we go to the pumpkin patch at Walden Farms with the Nashville Twins Club (POTATO). The kids had so much fun seeing the pumpkins! We also saw the animals and played in corn and wheat (just like playing in rice) with cups. We took a hayride (kinda boring) kids liked it some. Austin would rather play with the pumpkins all day. Here are some pics I got that day.

It was so hard to get them still this year for pictures.

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