Thursday, October 26, 2006

Madison Therapy Session Last week

We have been watching her feet when she walks for about 6 months now. Her right foot does it more but the left does some. What it does it, they turn inward and her ankles rotate inward. So when she goes real fast she will sometimes fall or look off balance. So the therapist recommends we see a ped Ortho. I called one and they have two requirements one she has to be 2 for this problem to be seen, and second a her ped has to make the appt. So I called the ped back to tell them to make the appt for her. But i guess it is a good thing that the ortho is out 3 plus months on getting in, so that way she will be 2 by then. her appt is Feb 5! It is at Vanderbilt. The therapist says probely one of two things might happen, one they will want to watch her for another 6 months or second we put some kind of orthodics in her shoes. Who knows. I just want this corrected now before she makes this habit hard to break!
Yeah more dr bills!! I wish we could see him in Dec because our decuctable is paid for this year!

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