Thursday, December 13, 2007

ahh sickness

These past two weeks have been CRAZY! all three kids were sick.
lets recap shall we

last Friday Austin started with the sniffles and a low grade fever, Madison and Alexis also started with the congestion.

Saturday Austin was looking pitiful when he did not have medication in his system. he was sneezing, coughing, running nose all the time.
Sunday they all three had it. only Austin had a fever higher than 99.

Then Monday! I needed to take them for flu shots Alexis needed her second round so i was going to get the other two's done that day. So i called and got three appointments at 1:45, 2:00 and 2:45p because Alexis woke up with a 102 fever.

We get there and they check out Austin first, he had one ear infection and that's all. Madison NOTHING only a head cold. Now to Alexis, poor baby had two BAD ear infections and upper respiratory infection. So we got a prescription for an antibiotic, and breathing treatment meds. Austin got an antibiotic.
Oh and Alexis weighs 15 lbs 8 oz, Madison 30lbs, Austin 33lbs.

so we go home

Thursday comes Alexis's fever still has not gone away. the other two are doing better. so I call the dr we get an apt to come in.
Alexis has one ear infection gone and one that is still BAD and she is sounds really bad, so they decide that she needs a stronger antibiotic via a shot and now have diagnosed her with pneumonia. We also have to come back tomorrow for another shot of the antibiotic shot and let them listen to her.

Friday back to dr for shot of antibiotic and a steroid shot.
Come back Saturday to listen to her.

We go back sat but waited a little bit but it was a long wait and we left because she was sounding better.

Only issue is that she was throwing up her solid foods when she would cough hard to get the phlem up. so Friday night she threw up at night, Saturday threw up at night, Sunday at night, and Monday night.

finally Tuesday she started getting better, only has a small cough.
PLus on top of this she just cut three teeth at one time!! Poor child!
I hope this is the last cold we have for the winter!

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