Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Car Woes!

Yes again my VAN! now after having new tires, a 100 point serious inspection from Nissan a month ago or less...this happens

I went Friday to get an alignment (free) at sears and they say there is no point in doing it because i have a right front outer tire rod that is BAD! on top of that the only place you can get the part is from Nissan. You can not buy it only mechanics places can buy them. SO it will cost over 200 for Nissan to do it! This is a safety thing! What if i never would have went to get this alignment how would i have known, Nissan said my van was good!

Plus my power driver window is bad AGAIN! even worse! 90 plus tax to RESET the motor, not replace! GRRR I have only done this 2 times before!

So we are exploring options of getting the Honda Odyssey now vs later.

Our thing is if we fix this what is next??

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