Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I forgot to post about our Thanksgiving. We stayed here (even though we wanted to go to GA too) but with money shortages and gas prices it was too hard plus we wanted to spend it with Meemaw too.

We had my mom, Jared, his parents and Matt over. Mom cooked turkey,Gravy, dressing, cake, cole slaw, and green beans. I made a ham, mash potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, pie,deviled eggs, and squash casserole (first time ever and it was great!). It was a good day.

after our meal we went to visit Meemaw. After meemaw I stopped by to see daddy and pat. It was fun! the kids are finally not shy with him and I love that! Alexis will sit with him too.

I went Xmas shopping the day after on Black Friday at 3AM! I went Kohl's, Target, Belks, the mall, Gymboree, Carters, the children's place, toys r us.
I only got 2 or 3 things. I got a great deal on our xmas outfits. all three kids for 60 dollars! i was shocked! i got some shopping for my mom she did not go so i picked up stuff for her.

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