Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yeah for Santa! and MORE

Friday I had a big day planned.

We started with our 6 mo check up at the dentist. It went well, even Austin did good for him!

We then head to the Jump Zone for a play date with a moms group we are in. WE had a BLAST! the slides were so fast!!

Afterwards we head to the Mall to get my car aligned. So while waiting we ate lunch, looked around, shopped and SAW Santa!

Oh Santa baby!
The twins sat on his lap with no issues and told him what they wanted and all! I was testing them for Saturday because we have breakfast with Santa for POTATO.

We leave head to Snip its for our hair cuts! Even Austin did ok for him!
Madison got the best CUT ever! She looks so much older and her hair looks like it is 10 times thicker than before. Reason is her hair was so dead on top you could see through it (now we have had reg cuts but not by the right person) so she cut some length off so we could get it to grow thick and long and healthy. SO she got a cute little bob and even bows stay in !!!! I will post a pic soon!

then we stopped at Nana's to show off and I met daddy there.
I then we to shop for an outfit for pics and Adams work xmas party.

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