Thursday, November 08, 2007

9 month Check up

We went Tuesday to Alexis's 9 month check up (a little early). She only weighed 14lbs and 11 oz and 26 in. She is small like Madison but she has the chunky rolls. The dr could not believe she was that small after looking at her Rolls!! She is eating good. But since she is breastfed exclusively she said that breast milk's fat content drops between 6 mo and 9 mo so she needs whole milk in her diet like yogurt (which I give her) but she wants it once a day. Also give her milk in her oatmeal and give her Mac n cheese, butter and such. She checked her iron level and it was great. so no need for vitamins. She also said to cont giving her the iron oatmeal twice a day even if it is mixed in the fruits. She also said that the fruits and veggies she as eating does not have a lot a fat that is why she needs the stuff with milk in it. of course cont breastfeeding because it is still the best for her and her primary food source. She was not too concerned with the weight yet. she is short like her mom and well family! Thanks Mom and Dad!! As far as developmental milestones, she said she seems to be a very content baby to just lay, or sit. She is she has no care to roll around to get other places. She likes playing with her toys and watching the others. Also she said the third child tends to get shuffled around either off the floor out of the line of fire of others (the twins!) and sitting in bouncys, exersaucers, bumbos, swings, or on someones lap. And this so true! Plus she HATES her belly. We give her tummy time but she Hates it after like 10 min or less. So I will most likely get her evaluated by TEIS to give her extra boosts, plus cont her tummy time. The dr said i can call TEIS if i want but she thinks in the next few weeks I will see a change.
She got her first part of the FLU shot and the 3rd polio shot. I asked about themosol in the shots and she said that they pay more for the separated thermosol free ones so that no parent will turn down a flu shot or any shot. I was happy to hear that. We go back in one month for second part and to get the Twins flu shot.

I will add her 9 mo pic here soon!

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