Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween things!

We had a good Halloween. That Wednesday was so BUSY. We started our morning at Opry Mill Mall with some twins club members for a stroll through the mall in our costumes before the mall opened and then lunch at Rain Forest Cafe for 99 cent kids meals! We had fun. Madison was a little scared that the Monkey above our table was going to take her balloon, she was crying and all! I had to attach it to Alexis's stroller so she would be ok.

After we left there we went to Adam's work to show off our costumes and of course ended up trick or treating around the office since everyone there and candy from their party they had earlier.

After that we went to the Murfreeboro Square for trick or treating on the square. IT WAS PACKED! we had already had a bag full from Adams work so we added more there. Lots of fun!

We went home took pics in the yard in our costumes. We ate a snack. Daddy came home and then Nana and pawpaw came over to go trick or treating with us in the neighborhood. We went on several streets. The kids were so cute saying trick or treat and thank you. Madison was chatting with everyone telling them she was Sleeping beauty and of course getting more more candy. Austin got his and was ready for the next house leaving Madison behind a lot...LOL. Alexis slept in the stroller. we waited for her.
After we went to eat at chick fila for dinner.

Here are some pics!
Madison is Sleeping Beauty, Austin is a Pirate, and Alexis is a Fairy

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