Thursday, November 15, 2007


We are still doing so well with potty training. She is going everything in the potty 98 percent of the time.

Austin can draw a spider, all on his own I do not know how he knew how to because it is not one of the things he asks us to draw all the time. but i need to take pics of it because it is so CUTE!

Nana got them both guitars could not find a "boy" piano at this time.

We went to the Discovery center last saturday and saw the new area they built onto the exsisting building we had so much fun there. Austin loved the extra extra LARGE train table. Madison loved the grocery store!

We are refinancing our home so some light in the money area coming THANK you LORD!

We are now doing thier bday party at Steve's Fantastic Fun Zone in M'boro. Because Dec 15th is booked at the discovery center. It costs a tad more but way less than others.

Alexis is loving all her new foods she is getting! She still does not like her tummy time.

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