Thursday, November 08, 2007

Carters Party and Visit to Meemaw

We went to Carter's Birthday party sat 27th. We had fun! Aunt Lenis (Carters Nana) rented a bouncy thing. Weather was great! The kids had fun jumping. Madison stayed in her panties and Dry all the way there in the car! and on the way home!

She pottyed there and was AWESOME!

We went to see Meemaw after. The kids were so happy to see her and Alexis sat with meemaw a while. In the pics it looks like Meemaw is asleep but I had to use the flash and she blinked every time!
I took my mini books i made about her for her to answer some questions. I had fun with that!

After meemaws we picked up my dad and went to eat Mexican for dinner. the kids did great with him. Which I know made him smile and happy. because they usually are shy and do not talk or go up to him

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