Thursday, November 08, 2007

Misc that has been going on

Today we went to costco, and wild oats for some veggies.

Madison is doing so well with no accidents! Although we have to take our potty with us everywhere we go...LOL

Madison is telling Nana she wants a Guitar today and Austin he was a Pino(piano).

Austin is into his Taggy Blanket that meemaw made for him when he was a baby. I gave it back to him when i noticed he was playing with the tag on his shrek blanket he slept with and was asking for it.

We are in a financial (well some what Crisis) I have no kids right now! The little boy i have watched for almost 2 years his dad quit his job and is staying home at the moment. the 2 girls we were watching the moms job asked her to go PT from 5-9pm temporally so no need for childcare. I was going to wait tables only a couple night a week through the holidays for extra money for xmas but now if i get hired i will be working more than 2 nights until i get more kids or Adam gets a better job. I got a job offer for a full time job during the day but even having my friend giving me a great child care discount i would just about only make what i was keeping 2 kids a month. so it is not worth it plus Alexis screams with others!! My mom would but she has to stay and take care of meemaw right now.

Come Jan. the twins may be in school (free) if we get in. It will be Monday-Friday from 8:45 to 12:45p I will have to go pick them up and drop them off.

This is not good considering the twins bday is coming and Christmas.

Adams interviewing for jobs is still going.. he has been told he is over qualified several times, over confidant, or they are not paying enough. he is waiting to hear from several. So pray for that!

Austin can draw a smiley face!!

Last Sat we did grocery shopping and Sams shopping (we have not been in FOREVER ...NO MONEY)

Alexis is almost sitting up on her own, but we have some more to work on to get there.

Its getting Cold now!!

We plan on going to GA the weekend after Thanksgiving (if we have Money)

I think that is all.

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