Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:

I saw your comment on my Blog titled family in town. I feel that I need to make a post on here to comment to you since you were not big enough to make your name known.
I was very upset by your comment. I felt like I have done no wrong. I can not explain to you or anyone for that matter as to why Alexis cries with others. She does this to almost everyone except me, and adam. Not all the time will she do this to others such as My mom, my grandmother, Adam’s dad or others. But she does! She is a BABY! She is at the stage where she is having stranger anxiety and separation anxiety. By stranger in these terms means anyone but PARENTS!
As far as you posting an anonymously, my thoughts on that is that if you are big enough to give your opinopn then be a bigger person to say it to my face or with your name known. Other wise keep your negative comments to yourself. Not only are you upsetting me but Adam as well.

As far as the part about being where ADAM belongs. He belongs where he CHOOSES to belong. He is an ADULT with his OWN FAMILY now. GET OVER IT! We chose to raise our kids here and start our lives here and that is what we are doing. No one can influence where we live nor tell us where to live. If you would like to know all the reasons we chose here over other places we discussed please ask we will be glad to tell you.

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