Friday, September 14, 2007

It's been 10 years...

We went last Thursday to Houston, TX for my 10 year High school reunion. We took my brother with us. So that he could watch the kids in the hotel while we attended the reunion Friday night. We ended up leaving Murfreesboro after eating and finished loading the car at about 9p. We arrive in Houston at 12p on Friday. We first check in them we meet my old friend Amber and her son Thomas for lunch at Pappaduex. Great lunch!

Then we go back to the hotel to shower, and get ready for the night. we go get the kids and Matt dinner at Whataburger. Reunion started at 7 we get there at 8.

I had a blast seeing a lot of my old friends. A few whom i would have liked to go could not so we will see them Saturday. We graduated with 560 and about mmm lets say 150 or less showed up. Hard to tell we were in a party room at the Cadillac Bar. We had a Mexican buffet. I have some pics to share. We got back to the room at 12a.

Saturday we went to meet our old family friends of ours Cathy, Freddie, Brian and his 3 year old son Sean. IT was so nice to see them again. We had to rush since she had to go to work and we were meeting someone for lunch.

We met my old high school teacher Leah stephanow, her husband and daughter. Her daughter at the age of 2 was in our wedding she is now 9. We had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant Los Cucos. It was in a new building that was HUGE! they now have several locations. it use to be a very small restaurant family owned. We then drove around seeing the area, went to the old neighborhood talked to Leza's parents. We went to the Katy Mills Mall to let the kids play in the play area to run around. They have an awesome play area. We then met Leza, Keith, Greis, Hannah and her kids at Clay's for dinner. We loved this place you can sit out on the patio eating while your kids play in the sand, they have a petting zoo, slides and more. It is a burger fries type of place. We had lots of fun! After we went over to Leza and Keith's house to chat, Madison and Austin colored and watched Little Mermaid. leza gave Madison the little mermaid on DVD since we had only the VHS one.

We go back to the hotel and get in bed. We get up at 8 pack and leave the hotel. We eat breakfast at my fave place Whataburger. Oh I wish we had one! We have it again for lunch. We have several stops. We ate dinner at shoney's this one was HORRIBLE! We get home at 4:30am!

Thank God Adam has the day off Monday to recoup.

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