Friday, September 28, 2007

Its Been a While

It seems like it has been forever since I have posted about what we have been up to.

I know I have not posted about the Baby Dedication at church. We had a great time. The twins went to the nursery and We focused on the Alexis and her day. I will have pictures to show later I have not Downloaded them on my computer.

It is Football season and in our house that is the best time of year! College ball and Pro ball. We are Tampa Bay Bucs fans and University of Georgia Fans! Lots of RED!

I have pics of the twins in their GA Dawgs Cheer leading outfit and jersey. They looked so cute. We went to Olive Garden (another post on our service :( !! )

We have been organizing the Garage and the house. I have made a calender of a small project each day to accomplish besides the everyday dishes, laundry, and picking up. I have goals i need to get accomplished.

We had a Sunday night children's ministries team family picnic last Sunday. We had fun, kids loved playing.

I have posted an ad in the paper for 2 more kids to watch. Yeah I know I am crazy! But financially we need it.

Adam is awaiting a decision on a job interview he went on so keep him in your prayers!

My mom got Austin his Bday or Xmas(not sure which) present ( well we picked it up). It is a very nice Train table from Costco made by Kid craft, it has two trundle drawers and a 100 piece wooden train set that has a construction set, boats and more it was ONLY $130.00. The kids were with us and Austin threw a fit that when we got home it stayed in the car to take to Nana's, We told him it was Matt's Train table( my 16 year old brother). Austin was even with us when we took it to Matt in my moms Garage.
She is going to get Madison a big play Kitchen.

2 weekends ago Adam and I went out with some friends for his bday. We had fun. Ashlei and Christina watched the kids since my mom had to stay with my meemaw. They were suppose to spend the night with Nana.

I have been scrapbooking on Friday nights for a few hours.

Tonight I went to Moms night out with my POTATO group to Buca Di Beppo it was good. I thought that place was pricey but it was about the same as Olive Garden or less.

I have had some issues with the kids behaviors lately. I am praying hard that this will get better.

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