Saturday, September 15, 2007

prayers needed!

My grandmother did not get a good report Wednesday. She had a scan done and it showed the cancer still spreading. She needs Chemo but is not strong right now for that. The Dr is going to give her some nausea meds in her port so that we can possibly get her strong enough for chemo. He is calling in hospice to help with pain management and help. She is going to do that at my mom's house so she can be near doctors. I pray we can get her stronger. I also wish we could go back in time and had her here at vandy dr all along getting treatments instead of the place that almost killed her Huntsville.

I am scared to lose her. Mainly because of the kids. They ADORE HER! I do not know how to explain to them about it if she were to leave us for heaven. I just pray I do not have to do that any time soon.

OK I can not write about this anymore! I need to go on to a happier subject.

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