Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally TIRES

I head to Fayetteville to get 2 tires since my mom was there helping my grandmother and this was the only way to get tires with kids during the week. I head down there Wednesday with my 3 kids and Caelan. Ash takes me to drop off my van. It was suppose to be done in 45 min. we head to walmart while it is being done. I go back in an hour to find out that they said they could not find the wheel lock key. I asked where did you look, they said in the back. I said first why did you not call me to ask instead of me wasting an hour, second did you not check where the spare tire is where the tire tools are? They said "no"! DUH you are a tire SHOP you should know these things. I did not know where it was but COMMON sense told me to check where the spare tire was. AHaha guess what there it is! I get them done, go back to get them. I spend some time with meemaw and the kids played with Carter. Lenis was there with Carter and Savannah. I get home at about 6:30p.

We pack and get the car loaded for the trip tomorrow.

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