Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Help needed! Prayers!

I know I posted that we needed some prayers for my grandmother. Well, we really need them now more than ever. She does not have much time left unless somethings turn around quickly. Somewhere she is loosing blood and having to get blood too often. She is too weak to find out where much less do anything about it. Please pray she gets stronger, and the bleeding stops. because they are telling us they can not keep giving transfusions because Insurance will not keep paying...GRRR HEALTH CARE! Don't get me started on that!

I am at peace with it (well I think) but my heart aches for my kids and her other great grand kids. I also ache for my brother he wants her there for his graduation, and more.

She told us that she is not giving up she is going to fight till the end! That is my MEEMAW! she is such a fighter! A wonderful person! I admire her strength.

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Dana said...

I will keep all of you in my prayers...please keep us updated. Dana

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