Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Saturday fun, ears pierced and Tire disaster

I went and scrapped Friday night of labor day weekend. Saturday I call all around to get the cheapest tire price i can find and ones I can get that day. We call and apparently Nissan made a deal with Goodyear to only make my Van's Tire size for that VAN ONLY! yes my tire will ONLY fit a NISSAN Quest VAN! SUCKS! of course you know when anything is made for one thing only and you have to special order it, with that comes EXPENSIVE!! Yes my tire is $160.00 tire EACH! We finally find a place that says they have 2 in so we decide since it is so expensive we will replace the 2 that are VERY BAD, the other 2 are good. We head to Sears at the mall in Cool springs, with all three kids, and we had planed on getting the tires, playing in the mall and going to Costco. Well, after 4 almost 5 hours they call us to say that the manufacture labeled the tires wrong and they do not have them and can not get them until Tuesday. Not good because we leave for Houston Thursday night. At this time it is 5Pm and no one is open. Ok so we leave they tell us for the inconvenience they will give us 10 percent off! yeah ok that is not enough for having to be in that mall with 3 kids under 3 for 5 hours!
But while in the Mall we get Madison's ears pierced. She only cried for like 2 seconds after it was done. She then saw the cute pink earrings and she was good. She got a goody bag and a princess necklace.
So we leave go head home we had friends coming to see us to stay the weekend for labor day. We go show Nana her earrings. We then go to cracker Barrel to eat dinner.

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