Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Call....

Saturday I got a call I did not want to get....

At 8am...Its my Mom. She said you all need to come see Meemaw.. She is not going to make it much longer.. days...

She told us to still take the kids to the pumpkin patch since they knew they were going. Afterwards we will head to Fayetteville to see meemaw.

My mom called me back to say the nurse in ICU jumped the gun a little. Her Dr came in and talked to mom and Poppy. He said that yes she is in her last stages. Either days, weeks, or who knows. Right now she is having hard time swallowing. So they are giving her a feeding tube in her nose since she is too weak for surgical one. They want to get her stronger to go home and not be in the hospital.

I am just praying that we can get a miracle that she can get real strong and get chemo!

I just hurt so much for my kids on this!

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