Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hand....mouth....DR visit

We get to the dr. I signed in Madison and Alexis.

We get Madison checked first we talked about her constipation, her belly was good she said and she told us we can up the dose of Miralax and stop milk of mag(she said it can be dependent). Miralax can be taken up to 2 times a day. She said some kids respond on very little dose and others need more. Next she looks at her ears, nothing. Then the mouth (remember Madison will tell you her tongue hurts), well Madison has BLISTERS in there on her throat not strep but HAND FOOT AND MOUTH!! GRRR she said she got exposed to it 3 days before her first fever (Tuesday) so that makes it Saturday at the Science Center!

Now Alexis's turn Ears good, now her throat. Yes she has the same! SO her exposure was Tuesday ( when Maddy had a fever).

Austin is good!

SO no one is contagious since no on has a fever. Madison's fever was very short and so was Alexis's. No blisters showed up anywhere else either thank God!

About her UTI, the dr said that We will need to see if the cultures grow. the hospital's urine analysis is what they read not the growing cultures. If they grow anything then it is a UTI. she gave us a antibiotic for the UTI in case that is what it is.

She called me today to tell me nothing grew that is a UTI. So that is good.

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