Thursday, October 25, 2007


Oh so many of you know my issues with my van. Well I have had it!
background: I have an 2005 Nissan Quest. I got it NEW in 05. We have had so many many problems, I have pursued the Lemon law, Nissan, BBB Autoline. you name it! The first chance I get to get out of it in a way that i am happy with I am going to get rid of it and get back into a HONDA! (Odyssey).

My new issue is I had a check engine light come one and i took to Auto Zone and it was the Catalytic Converter! (cost about 1500 it is Welded on) So I called Nissan hoping it was covered under the the longer warranty that the 36k one. THANK GOD it was covered under the 80k/8 year because of emissions. If i was going to have to pay i would get rid of it! So i take 4 kids to a dealership to get it LOOKED at. only to have to come back after they order the part.

I get a call and schedule a service apt for today at 10:30am. Since i only had my 3 today. I get there a little after 10:30 they are putting me in a rental since it will be 24 hours to repair. I reminded the guy that i will have 3 kids with me and 3 carseats to transfer so the vehicle must be big enough. I get there and the rental co they have there on hand in the dealership offers me the only car he has a CHEVY SILVERADO TRUCK! Are you kidding me a TRUCK! 3 kids ! Carseats!

I said oh no! So then he brings a Dodge Durango, ok this may work it has 3 rows. I get all kids out ready to switch car seats in the other. NOPE! the American made car that it is the back seats seat belt system does not lock unless on impact or breaking hard! and no LATCH system in the 3rd row. AND the infant seat can not go in the rear at all. ok so we try all 3 in the 2nd row, wont fit. the tether system is missing the plate it is needed for the 3rd row!

You still with me!

Kids are hungry, flipping every switch in the cars, going crazy, Alexis is crying hungry. it is past time to eat. I am hungry! HOT! So i give up take all of them inside in the kiddy room (well what they call kiddy room) feed Alexis. I called Adam and he is trying to tell me it will work he is looking online at the manual, i looked at too and the car! So I get him to come there and help! FINALLY I show him it wont he shows the dealer and the rental guy. So they some how magically get a Pathfinder. i know it will work it has 3 rows, its not an American car. YES IT WORKS!

now it is 2:20 and we leave!

I go get food to take home to eat and get them down for a nap! NOPE! more Drama!

I have no house key (at the dealer with my keys), No garage opener same as keys! Now i am locked out! My mom has one but she is at my grandmothers house!

I take the kids to my Friends house to eat and then we are going to go get Adam's key. Well we leave her House at 4:30, so Adam leaves in an hour. So i drive around to kill time let them sleep in the car. 6:30 I am in my house!

This all would not happen if i had a HONDA!

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