Thursday, October 25, 2007

One almost down!

Madison is almost POTTY trained! She has been so GOOD. She has been some what ready for sometime here and there. It was not until she saw the new kids i started watching who is about 2 weeks older than her and she is potty trained except naps. So Madison wanted to be in Panties too!

We made a special trip just me and her to the store to get Big Girl "Princess" Panties and she saw the Hello Kitty "pink" ones and we got those.

day one: 1 accident
day two: 1 accident
day 3: (mostly in diapers since we were at the dealership) but no accidents!

If she has an accident it is mostly because she gets in a hurry and does not pull her panties down and just sits on the potty with them up.
She has pooped and peed!!!

She will also will just go on her own without you telling her to as well! You have to ask her most of the time to go.
She wants them on at nap but right now no...But she is dry during nap time!

Now Austin, he has no care, he will clap, cheer madison on, ask her if she needs to go potty, tell her to pull down her panties first, tell her "good job sissy you go pee pee in the potty"
But you ask him he says "tomorrow morning" everytime!

So we will get madison first!

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