Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Let see what have I not posted about yet....

We took the kids to the Adventure Science center last Saturday since the Parents Magazine was having a 15th birthday party and it was half off. We only paid $9 to go. We had a blast the kids had fun! We did the slides went to the top Madison is still scared of surfaces that are up high off the ground or like the metal kind that has holes in it you can see to the bottom. I do not know why she is like this.
They are scared of the dinosaurs there though when they were up close. I will have pics to come.

After that we went to eat lunch then headed to the Meet up for Murfreesboro moms, we went to the Fall festival hay ride at General Bragg park in Murfreesboro. We had a lot of fun, hay ride, roasting marshmallows and making smores, sack races, other games, a play ground, and hot dogs!

Sunday we had church and football.
The teacher on Sunday night had to tell me how sweet Austin was that night. Madison had asked for more crackers at snack time and the teacher said Madison say "May please have more crackers", but before she could get it out, Austin said "may my sister have more crackers please" Too sweet and funny.

Alexis is growing like a weed, but she hates to be in her belly so no trying to crawl here. she is lazy like her bro and sissy were. She loves Green beans and the apples and chicken i made her too. Only food she has not cared for so far was Carrots alone.

Today Madison started a fever at nap time, she would not eat her pb&J she asked for. She is also constipated again and has asked to sit on the potty to go stinky several times today, we tried, but she cant go only pee. So i went to get her some Miralax as the milk of magnesia is not working.

Austin is now calling me MOM and Adam DAD and Madison Sister. So funny!

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