Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prayers for a little baby

There is a little boy in our twins club that is one month right now, and he is in the hospital because he was born without a left ventricle I can not remember what it is medically called. His twin is a healthy little boy. His parents live in Spring Hill and his mom commutes in to Nashville with her husband every day with the healthy twin to stay at the hospital all day and even a couple hours at night with the dad when he picks them up.

Every night we add Issac to our prayers. Madison will say please make baby Issac's Heart better it has a boo boo. It is the sweetest thing to see your kids pray and remember what we talk about that that needs a prayer to Jesus as see says.

Also please continue to pray for my grandmother. We went to my moms last week and meemaw was there. Madison walks in (she knew meemaw was there) and the first thing she says is "wheres my meemaw at" I just about cried. she went straight to her and gave her a hug and kiss.

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