Thursday, October 18, 2007

Her first ER visit....

I had to take Alexis to the ER last Thursday night. Here is how it started...
We went out thursday to get new shoes for the twins. After we ate lunch, and I noticed Alexis just sleeping a lot and i felt her and she was warm. SO on the way home I called the dr to see if we needed to head in to the office before we got home. she told me to take her temp (rectal if possible) If over 101 i need to call them back. I got home checked it and it was 101.9 I called and since i had an apt for tomorrow, they told me to rotate tylonal and motrin and see them tomorrow since all offices were booked for the rest of the day. Call back if things change.

Well i keep checking on her and her temp now was 102.6. She was sleepy, not eating a lot, and breathing odd. So i called the after hours and she told me to go to the ER in Murfreesboro (bad idea). I called my friend whos husband works in the ER there as a Dr. he suggested as well to go in.

I did about 8p take her in. She gets there they cehck temp it is 103.5 and climbing so they gave her motrin and tylonal together. about an hour later it is down to 101.4. They tried several times to cath her for unrine and could not get it, they just tramazed her and made her red and swollen... GRRRRR then they had to put a bag to collect it. they check her ears, nothing.

Next they tried twice to get an IV in her to collect blood and give meds and fluid. so after twice in the arms they finally got the foot.

They checked all samples and the only thing they see is "dirty urine" which means cells in the urine, and a little blood (from the cath part). So they say she has a UTI. very uncommon in babies, so tomorrow we go to the dr to scehdule a ultrasound to find why and make sure she does not have Kidney reflux. we get home at 2a.

She cried and screamed until 4:30a. She was so exhausted and in pain. We also lost her fave and only paci she will use. I searched for the first one we lost in the bedroom that I had already searched for before with no luck, adam goes to the van to look for the second that we lost friday. I look under the bed and there the first one was (we looked there several times before). It was a "GOD" "send" that we found it. So she finally slept till 6 am, still tossing not really sound.
At 6a i caled the dr because she is still screamming in pain, abd not really peeing. She suggested a warm bath since they most likely have made her urethra have spasms from the cath. That worked!
Adam stayed home friday since no one got sleep!
We have a 10:45 apt at the dr..

See the next post for that update....this one is getting long...

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