Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where has Customer Service gone to?

We went to the only olive garden with in a 30 mile radius from us and that was 20 miles away.
We have had bad service there before but nothing major. We wanted to go back since it was Never ending Pasta bowl and we wanted a cheaper dinner out.

We waited about 30 minutes for a table. No big deal it was sat night.

We get to out table and the trouble begins. First we waited 15 min for waiter to greet us and take a drink order. He brings them but forgets the HOT water so i could defrost her baby food.

IT took him 2 times for me asking for it. I explained why i needed it. He brings it to me in a childs plastic cup FULL to the rim. SO I can not really get her food in it without it over flowing. GRRR!!

We tell him our order, but we ask him if they had Bow tie pasta for the kids instead of fettuccine noodles or even rotini pasta. He had no clue what i was talking about. So finally i said do you have Penne. yes OK so we place our order.

we wait and wait for bread sticks and salad. finally our salad comes. No tongs! no cheese! he made an excuse when we asked for tongs, he said that the salad lady does that and he has no control over it. he did not offer to bring us any we had to say can you bring us any? and can we get bread sticks.

he comes back no cheese no tongs no bread sticks!

Our order comes and the kids is all bread sticks and Adam is missing his meatballs.

He finally brings bead sticks and the correct orders. NO cheese, he continues making excuses as to why instead of fixing it.

Now we are waiting and waiting for drink refills. GRRR

We have the never ending bowls and its time for a refill and he never asks us. we get him over there and tell him we need more but instead of taking our order he just walks off. We had to say Hey can you take the order. so he does.

no drinks still!

Ok so we get all this and he brings the check (no mints)

So i say to Adam i am going to talk to the manager because this is cRAZY!

I tell her about it and she takes the check and says he brought you this check I said yes, she said that was the checks managers get not customers. So she takes care of our check and apologizes. ok i go back to the table and we get ready to go.
He comes to the table and says can i get your check. Adam said the manager took care of it. He proceeds to ask why, what went wrong.

I said "what went right?" I told him to talk to his manager about it because I did not feel like getting into it with him since i was too mad to speak to him.

He keeps on begging! Adam said calmly first you need to be more attentive. the waiter starts making excuses!

I said wait that is not the main issue here. You need to stop making excuses for your mistakes as you make them, you need to apologize and fix it instead. I was telling him what he did and i was getting upset at his attitude. he tells me to be quite there are customers in the restaurant. I said that is why i told you to talk to your manager instead. we leave!

I was still so mad that a week later i write the corp office. I got a good response back and the manager the next day that was there that night called me again.

They are sending me a GC. and asking me to give them a second chance. We will see since i have never had a great exp there at all before. Hopefully it will never be that bad again.

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Chelle said...

Now that is really frustrating!

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