Friday, July 06, 2007

The Crud! Can i call in sick?

We all have been under the weather here since Monday. I have felt like CRAP. I called Adam on Monday because on top of feeling crappy the kids were crabby, runny noses, whiny and the baby was teething I asked him if I could call in sick! LOL yeah not going to happen in this job! I have lots of benefits but sick days and vacation days are not a part of it. But the other benefits out weigh that of no sick days!

I still feel like crap and I can not take meds like the other family members due to Breastfeeding! YEAH!

Tuesday was not that much better, Usually when i feel bad the kids act better than ever. Well that was not the case Monday and Tuesday!

Tuesday I left and went to Walmart to get out of the house and get some stuff.

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