Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moms Surprise party

Oh I forgot to Blog on my Moms Surprise party. Sunday after i mowed the yard we went to AL to my Aunts house for a surprise bday party for my mom. She had no clue. My meemaw did not feel like coming so i stopped by there after there. we had fun, ate good food. my cousin chads GF was going into the hospital to be induced that night at 10p.

here is my conversation with my grandmother:

Me: Meemaw in your Will you know what i want you to add.

meemaw: yes i know you want the pictures

me: yes that too but that is not what i wanted you to add , i am glad you remembered that i want that. but i want you to put in there that you want everyone (your kids and grand kids) to all still get along and stay close. I hope that they would still but you never know, since we had had issues in the past with people not getting along so good.

meemaw: Yes i will, but have you ever thought that I may out live them..

Me: yes that is true only God knows our plan but in case we all need a will.

I have a book i am bringing to her that is about her i want her to answer some questions. i also want to go through the pics and get the details on and i have a questionnaire for her too..

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