Monday, July 02, 2007

Fun in the SUN!

Saturday we decided to take the kids to Nashville Shores. My mom got us this booklet of passes, some free and some 2 for 1. the kids are free! It was fun, we stopped and got inter tube rings for them. We got our cooler, wagon, bouncy seat, towels, change of clothes, diaper bags, inter tubes and passes! I did not take the camera because i did not know if we would leave our stuff "unsupervised" at anytime so i did not want my expensive camera alone. after the day was over i realized we could brought it since there was always someone with our stuff, and if not they have lockers(still not secure enough for my camera to me). The kids had a BLAST! Madison was so comfy floating around the kiddy wading pool (1 ft) and even when we went to the larger 3 to 4 ft pool. Austin was as well jumping into the water from the side. Madison is not jumping in as you know from swim lessons. She'd rather float around. Neither of them liked the water splashing sprayers at all. They like to watch the people come down the slides on the tubes, and Austin wanted to go but i had to explain he was too short to go. he was ok with it. Alexis did GREAT! She nursed well there, slept, played, she too was in her Bikini (Madison's from when she was a baby) too cute. Brings back fun memories! We left when it closed went by Nana's to visit then to steak and shake for dinner then home and in bed at 11p!

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