Monday, July 02, 2007

opps no church

We overslept today since we got in late, well not really over sleep, we just let the kids sleep instead of getting them up. We cleaned all day!
Adam and I brought the recliner up stairs to the play room so we can start playing there again. I could not sit on the floor preggo the last 2 mos and now with breastfeeding the baby i need a chair. SO now we can! YEAH!
We also folded and did all the laundry, cleaned up all the toys and organized them, moved the playroom around. I need to take pics of it since it will be messed up with in 2 minutes of them being awake tomorrow!
I had to go to church this afternoon for new volunteer children's ministry meeting. I then went to the grocery store since all kids were asleep. Came home cooked and gave all a bath, cleaned some more, then off to bed for the kids! Whew what a day!

Here are some pics from the Kats game last week!

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