Monday, July 09, 2007

Our boring weekend

Thursday we went to Daddy's work for a visit and then Lunch!

Friday I took the kids to see the movie Surf's Up with my friend Kristie and her 3 kids. We went at 12:30p it was a cute movie. We only had one melt down. Alexis slept most of the time. After the movie we went to Chikfila. After we went home to nap! I went scrapbooking that night. I had to rush home because Adam called to say that Austin threw up in bed and Alexis is crying. Austin threw up because he , Madison and Daddy were rough housing, jumping, and being tossed around after dinner before bed. MMM full belly, jumping around that will cause you to throw up!!!DUH!
I get home and Alexis is calm and asleep. It is now late so the kids will be sleeping in...

Saturday we get up Late eat our breakfast. We head out to Costco for Wipes and stuff. We go to the Mall after to look and play. kids played in the play area, i fed ali. We then head to Old Navy and then to Golden Corral for Dinner. Go home and get to bed so we can get up for church tomorrow.

Sunday we get up for church. I begged Madison to wear her Pretty Blue dress with smoked Cherries on it. it even had a cute hat. She finally agreed but not without a fight. oh she wanted her PINK princess dress. It was not clean! Plus i wanted to see her in this dress. We had a good day at church.
Come home eat, nap and Adam and I cleaned! We got floors all clean ,sheets changed, Washed clothes, I started on Alexis Room getting it all clear of other junk, and Madison's old clothes sorted for her to wear. Also cleaned the kitchen! Wow we still have lots to do! Never ending!

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