Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Fourth! and Weddings

We had plans to see the fireworks at MTSU Wed. But my Mother called me to tell me that My grandmother was going to Renew her Vows with my grandfather Wed at Aunt Juanita's wedding. I had not planned on going to the wedding until this! So we changed plans. The wedding was at my great aunt Juanita's house outside. It was her second time marrying this man they divorced AGES ago. She remarried another man he remarried another woman. Both of their spouses just past away and now they are back together, they had kids together and no other kids with the other people they married. You still following me...LOL

Before the wedding we stopped at Daddy's and Grandmommas for lunch and a visit. The kids played and ATE. WOW! They also talked to grandmamma and daddy (grandpa) which was a new thing! I think they are coming out of the shell on this! I am excited about that! I think it helped that there was not a million and one people there as there usually is. We have lots of kids on this side.. so it is always busy there.

Anyway it was a nice wedding, the weather was not too hot it started at 6p.

after her wedding my grandmother(meemaw) and grandfather(poppy) renewed their vows. i was crying and could hardly see out my camera lenses. It was hard because all the stuff my grandmother is going through. He is so her Rock and she is his everything. they have been married for 30 years. They dated once and then she got real sick and ended up in the hospital very very sick, she had half her stomach removed. Anyway he came to the hospital and sat by her bedside everyday after he got off work for HOURS. He was there when she was almost dying and here he is now. Going through some of the same things. Oh and Austin fell twice once on the way across the street coming from Meemaws to the wedding. He has a BIG abrasion and little knot on the head

After the wedding we wanted the kids to see fireworks since we have been seeing and hearing them in the area around the house for weeks. So we went to Huntsville Joe Davis Stadium to see the fireworks. we met up with Ash and Christina (Teresa, chad, dwaine, Cody, Carter, Breana And Caroline were in a different location watching) in the parking lot behind the stadium (Ashley Furniture) we sat in the bed of Christina's truck on blankets watching them . We had fun and all the kids had fun and enjoyed them!
We headed home and got home at 12:30A! The kids were so tired! I will add pics tomorrow when i Download them!

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