Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My grandmother's Update

Well last week she went to the Dr and he told us that the mass on her ovary was growing and surgery is not an option. Chemo is out because she is too weak. She has lost 30 lbs in 1 month and she is already tiny. She also had low red blood cells there so she had a transfusion done. Also the cancer is in her pelvis bone. They are going to look into Radiation. the only way they can do it is if they can beam the radiation away from her one and only Kidney. because the radiation will kill it. So we are just hoping and praying for a miracle! She fought off her colon cancer! so maybe God willing he will cure her! So we are looking into hospice for pain management since she will be in pain her bones. he is trying to get her to eat and drink more! that is the big challenge at the moment. I Can not talk long on this subject at the moment. But i wanted to update on here.

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