Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday oh what a day!

I was a brave women Friday. I ended up having the little boy I watch. I decided since this is "OUR" day out to have fun that I was not going to let him being here stop us. So we went on our Playdate to the Smyrna Splash Pad! We had fun, much better than last time we went. We met some other moms there. They all went in the water. Madison told me she was Hungry so after we left there. We went to Chickfila our fave place. We did good except Austin was hungry and when he is he is cranky! so people are staring as i bring in 3 2 year olds and an infant, Austin has his little mini meltdown. I get him calm, get the food and it was all good from there!
we left went home to nap! I went scrapbooking that night with my aunt Lori at the Scrapbook store Paper candy in M'boro. We had fun! we even got guilt food, McDonald's and baskin robins! i got my moms bday gift done there.
The kids were all good for daddy!

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