Thursday, July 26, 2007

Conversations oh the Conversations

These Two year olds Crack me up everyday!

Yesterday Madison was pointing to my Bra saying Mommy's Bra. I said Yes Mommy's bra, she said its White. I said your right. She said "Mommy I want a Pink Bra" then she went to Austin and said "Austin You want a Red Bra?" Austin says "No I want a Blue Bra sissy" TOO Funny! We actually were looking at the Walmart flyer that night and she saw a Pink Bra! Of course she said "I want that one mommy"

We have really been into our Leapfrog Little Leaps Video game. You play it with these DVD games on the TV and it is a Big Wireless toddler game controller. They love learning with it. Counting, ABC's, right, left, Spanish counting, animals and more.

We went to Nana's today for lunch waiting for Meemaw to finish Radiation. She starts that today for 5 weeks five times a week. I hope this helps cure her! God PLEASE!

Some of our new things are that we will climb in our high chairs and put the trays on. Thank god we can not take them off nor climb out.
We are jumping off the bottom step of the stairs.

Oh Madison helped me fold wash clothes the other day and she did it PERFECTLY! She loves to help me in any way. My little helper. Austin likes to on his own terms when he wants to.

Here are some pics to leave you with

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Chelle said...

Those are really gorgeous pictures!

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