Monday, July 02, 2007

friday FUN!

We were suppose to go to the Bouncy place on Friday, but kids over slept! Alexis woke up very very early to eat for some reason...LOL, so i went back to sleep and slept until the kids woke up since i was tired I did not get them up to go! So we ended up doing nothing exciting at all! Ash came to bring by my recliner that she had (we let her borrow it)so we then went to eat lunch. They kept wanting to go to the bouncy place... I told them it was closed (it was) and they were MAD! So we have to go this coming week. I went to crop that night. I got stuff done since there was only 2 other people there! not much chit chatting going on!
Here are some pics from last weeks fire station trip!

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