Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayers Needed!

My grandmother is back in the hospital. She went in because she was not eating well because her pain med from her braking her ankle made her sick to eat. Well she went to vandy and the dr met her there in the ER.

We found out that she has only 20 percent function in her only Kidney (her other one she gave to her daughter (Cindy that passed away 2 years ago)).

The reason is she has a mass in her adonomen and it is pressing on her urethra causing her kidney to not flush out the toxins in her body. She is also dehydrated. They put a stint in to save her kidney. After they do that they will discuss what to do next. I am praying it is not cancer and if it is we can get rid of this too! please Lord!

Oh and Madison and Austin said the Cutest Prayer tonight for Meemaw.

"Jesus make my meemaw all better, Amen"

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