Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our weekend

Friday night I went scrapbooking.

Saturday I got to sleep in after feeding alexis. We then all got ready to go to the discovery Center in Murfreesboro. We bought the annual membership after seeing that the kids liked it. It had so much stuff for them to enjoy, water, rocks, a tree house, a house, slide and more. The cost was 20 for all of us just for a day, and 60 for the year. Crazy! After we left there the kids kicking and screaming. We went to Wild Buffalos for lunch. As we were leaving the resterant Madison says "shoo I smell Poo poo" So funny! it was out of the blue. We leave and go to walmart for a few things. As we are pulling in the parking lot Madison starts faning herself and saying "Shoo its hot" She is on a roll today! We get home and we grill out.

Sunday we were going to get up and go to church but Adam was tired. plus the kids wake up at 10a. We get all ready and we go to Costco to take back our router because it was going out when uploading pics and just going in and out. So now I get pics online and on my Blog! I know you all were getting bored with no pics!
We eat lunch a BK and stop by Barnes and Noble for me to get a book.

I will get a pic on here when i Download my pics from my Camera tomorrow.

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