Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Saturday Shopping and BBQ at Moms

We headed out this morning to get some stuff at Sam's and Kohl's (they had a great sale). We got some princess shirts since that is all we want to wear or pink that is it. No other color shirts! GRRR. I got 2 pair of shorts and 3 shirts. Adam got swimming trunks and shirt. Austin got 2 pairs of shorts, Diego PJS, and one shirt. Madison got shirts, and Nemo PJs. Alexis got one outfit. Super sale! We then headed to Sam's. Came home at lunch, napped (the whole family). We had to go to Nana's for a BBQ at 5:30. Kids played and looked at their ducks. Pawpaws Nieces were visiting so they played with them. We took some good pics of Alexis and some with Madison and Alexis. Madison wanted to take some pics so she did ! OF course we had to play with the rocks! they had fun playing alone in their room at Nana's on the bed, pretending to go to sleep, it was funny! here are some pics

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