Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pooor baby :(

I took my baby alexis to the Dr this AM and she has a double ear infection bad. she has a head cold (runny nose, cough, 99 fever) She had the virus that the kdis got and it settled in her ears. I hope this is the last one she gets for a very very very long time. The twins never got sick until at least 8 mo or so, no ear infections until after a year. Austin just got his first 2 weeks ago. So i was told to nurse her and limit the number of pumped bottles (for when i am away from her), have her sleep upright, give tylonal for pain, antibiotic, run humidifier, and run a hot shower and have her in the bathroom. My brother watched the twins whiel we went to the dr.

I will post a seperate post on some funny stuff from today!

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