Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well we are still in swim lessons. We have made improvements. Madison has her days and things she will and will not do. But the things she would not do are things I could not get her to do out of the water so nothing new.
Austin has his moments too.

I can not believe they are 2 and 1/2 now! and the "WHY" questions have already started! Also the "Why not mommy"

Friday I took the kids to the Fire Station for a play date with the Murfreesboro Twins Club, we then went to a play ground to play and eat lunch with the group. Kids had fun at the station, I will post pics! After we had to take Baby Alexis to the dr for her 4 mo old check up. She did good, she weighs 11 lbs and 11 oz and is 23 in long, she is in the 25th percentile. Madison hung in that percentile and still does, its a Fleming Girl thing... The dr said all is good see you in 2 month. She had 4 shots and her rotovirus by mouth fluid. She cried a little. that night I cropped with my aunts and had fun!

Saturday was a fun filled day. I went to Supper Thyme's to complete my meals in the morning. Got home got the kids and everyone ready to go to the POTATO Summer event in Lebanon at Don Fox Park. IT was suppose to be fun in the wading pool and playground but it CAME A DOWN POUR there, it was nice at home! Austin of course has a melt down most of the time embarrassing me because he did not want to eat lunch, he wanted to play on the play ground and it was raining. We left after about an hour. We had to rush to get home to get Jessica the babysitter to watch the twins while we went to the Kat's game with the Murfreesboro twins group we took the baby with, to make it easier for her. She did good, nursed there and went to sleep! They won and it came down to the last 41 sec. We had a good anniversary night out!

Sunday we went to Church. home for a Nap. I went to Kohl's and Old navy during Nap time. Found some great deals. I made homemade Salsa and a yogurt bars! Fun day at home!

Monday back to swim lessons and today too.

Alexis is cooing and laughing and loves to look at the twins and laugh at them. They think it is so funny and love it. they say "Ali is laughing at me" and laugh with her... Oh and she is TEETHING! I was hoping she would be like Austin and not get her first tooth until she 8 mo and not like Madison and get first tooth at 4 mos. OH well! Her gas is getting better, I think because she is nursing better and she is not getting bottles when we are in public any more. I had a friend make me this AWESOME nursing cover and we now nurse in public GREAT! She also has now switched nursing positions and that has made her happier!

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