Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Steves Fun Zone, Dr apt, and more from Friday

Friday at 10 we went to Steve's Fun Zone in murfreesboro with the twins club. The kids had a blast! Madison is such the brave one, she went in all the bouncy things and climbed over big things and all. Austin was a little hesitant for some reason until Madison showed him how. Which is opposite usually Madison is hesitant on things. We played for a while and then left and went to Chickfila. Went home napped (well attempted to Nap) we left at 3 to the Dr office for Madison's feet.

We meet Adam there at the Dr office. We see him and he says that Madison had hyperflexible Joints. She does have flat feet but that is not the reason she walks the way she does. She is very flexible, she will be able to do the splits or be a great Yoga person when others can not. She may not look graceful on the soccer field but she can still function as everyone else. He said to discontinue all PT Which we have since Jan. He said that don't worry about how she looks running or walking because she is perfectly fine. as far as her falling or being less confident going down stairs now is part of being a 2 year old. She and Austin has fell down the stairs recently so that is why is is hesitant lately. He said the flexible flat feet diagnosis we got from the last Dr is not a diagnosis as far as this Dr is concerned.

After the Dr we headed to Cool springs mall for me to get some pics printed. After we at dinner at Golden Corral. We had a late night. Got home late.

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