Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Splash Pad and Chikfila

Friday we had our day out. We got up at breakfast (well not really just a little snack) we headed out. First i had to drop them at Jessica's (babysitter, my brothers ex) so that i could run in Kohl's to get Madison a new bathing suit because hers were all nasty...plus we needed new towels. I got Madison a princess one and Austin a spider man one, they turn into a back pack. Then, We went to Smyrna ate at chikfila, then we headed to the Splash Pad at Gregory Mills park. OH what a nightmare that was! Austin was HORRIBLE! He for some reason would not get in the water, Madison did some. there was a ton of people there! I told him to go in the water or we go home, he then said OK lets go home, I would start that way and he would scream no i go play. He would cry and scream and point towards the water but would not go in. On top of this it was nap time now! Madison just wanted to hold her princess towel and take it everywhere she went. Austin finally gave in and said he wanted to go home. We get home and take a nap! Adam gets home and I leave to go scrapbook! I had fun! boy after today I wanted out of the house with no kids BAD! I took my camera but there was no way I could pull it out with that crowd and Austin throwing his fits!

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