Wednesday, June 06, 2007

POTATO Meeting

Well tonight I had a POTATO meeting we had elections, Sale sign up and a "live and Learn" which is a social round table groups. I was up against another lady for the same position, the first time this has happened in over 5 years in the group. Usually we are begging people to get involved. Well unfortunately I did not get the position. I went into it with if i get it great if not on to another position that is appointed and not elected. I just want to stay an officer of the club no matter what position, I can make any position great! So we shall see what i get next. I am the outgoing Newsletter Editor of 2 years. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Back up to today with the kids. We had a good day. They woke up telling me they wanted yogurt and Shrek Waffles for breakfast. While watching Diego Austin was copying him looking for things with his pretend binoculars(putting your hands cupped on your eyes looking through them) get it? Anyway, he would say "look mom I do like deego(diego), I see a truck, i see mommy" all day he did this.

Alexis seems to be feeling better.

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