Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swim Lessons

We started our Swim lessons today at Ms sues Swimming in Smyrna at 6:45p. I dropped Alexis off with Pawpaw. The kids did good at first Austin was unsure but about 3 min into it he was better. Madison was very uneasy on the exercise of getting in and out of the pool on your belly, she had always been like that though. She does not like to lay on changing tables at public bathrooms, or stand on a high table, i think it is a heights thing. She also will not walk in the bed of Pawpaws truck. So if she passes this lesson on that it will be a miracle. they both blew bubbles in the water though and got over the water in the face for the most part. We go for another 7 times! mon to thurs for two weeks.
I cooked Pepper steak in the Crock pot so we would have dinner ready when we got home. it was a new recipe and it was so GOOD!

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