Saturday, June 02, 2007

My thursday...

We had a good day for the most part. Adam had a late day at work since it closing week. He got home at about 8 something. I took the kids all of them to eat Chinese. But before that I put the kids down for a nap and they played for 3 HOURS i went in there a lot to tell them to go to sleep. I could not separate them today because i was watching the kid i watch today. GRRR no nap = GRUMPY. After we got home Nana and Pawpaw came by to see the kids. Alexis is sick i am taking her Friday am to the DR. She has a barky cough, congestion. Kids got their pillows that i ordered today from my friend that owns Madison got a pink princess pillow and Austin got a Tampabay Bucs pillow AKA "GO BUCS" is what they call it. They have their name embroidered on them. She also made me a cute purse, the twins a small diaper bag, Madison a dress, a diaper organizer, and the kids a crayon on the go holder I will take pics and so you.

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